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Our Legacy Series | Volume 1


Selling the Gold
History of Sunkist and Pure Gold

By Richard H. Barker
Selling the Gold History of Sunkist and Pure Gold

The golden orange manifested the “California Dream” and became synonymous with the trade names of Sunkist and the lesser entity, Pure Gold. The “dream” induced the citrus gold rush which brought more people to California than the gold rush of “49”. This is a composite story of one component to the citrus cycle – the cooperative marketing of the golden Sunkist fruit as told in the award-winning account by R.M. MacCurdy, the fifty years of Pure Gold written by V.A. Lockabey and excerpts from Sunkist Growers, Inc. all brought together by R.H. Barker through many pictures. The “Citrus Roots” series makes for fascinating reading.


Our Legacy Series | Volume 2


Citrus Roots…Our Legacy
Citriculture to Citrus Culture

By Richard H. Barker
Citrus Roots Our Legacy Citriculture to Citrus Culture

The “planting of gold” brought about community development, generated more income than the gold rush, and endured for over 75 years. This is a story of people with strong-willed ideals, willing to take risks, which influenced the development of Southern California. The coverage focuses pictorially on the local components to the citrus cycle – citriculture to citrus culture – from Etiwanda to San Dimas and from Walnut to Ontario linking the life cycle of the citrus tree to the other cycles which influenced successive change to this valley in an interesting and enlightening way.


Our Legacy Series | Volume 3


Our Legacy…Baldy View Entrepreneurs

By M.A. Boyd and Richard H. Barker
Our Legacy Baldy View Entrepreneurs

This book covers twenty-five men and women entrepreneurs who left an outstanding legacy to the communities within view of Mount Baldy and to Southern California. Included is a “time line” matching each of their individual lives to the business cycles from 1810 to 1978.


Our Legacy Series | Volume 4


Citrus Powered the Economy of Orange County for over a half century Induced by “a Romance”

By Richard H. Barker and Thomas M. Pulley
Citrus Powered the Economy of Orange County for over a half century Induced by "a Romance"

This is a compelling story about the romance with the orange. It generated a migration of those seeking a healthier and better lifestyle to California spurred by the Southern Pacific Company which in aggregate this movement emerged into an economic powerhouse. Citrus powered the economy of Orange County for well over a half century. The sequential story unfolds plus a mural of photos with “the place”, “the people, and the pride of participating in this aura.” It progresses from growing citrus, harvesting the golden fruit, packing and selling (covering 80 packinghouses and the names of many growers), icing and transporting about a million carloads, banking the “citrus gold” amounting to $1.2 billion (1923-1959), citrus linkage, the water companies and ending with citrus culture. The “citrus romance cycle” left many legacies which have and will enhance the lives of those living in Orange County for future generations. This illustrated story is enlightening on how it brings history alive, and into our present time.

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William G. Kerckhoff
(1935 original print)

By Henry W. O’Melveny
William G. Kerckhoff 1935 Original Book
William G. Kerckhoff 1935 Spine & Cover

This book is bound in leather with gold embossed border.  In 1935 there were only 100 copies printed, and today few remain.
Pages: 76
Dimensions: 6 in. x 9 3/4 in.


William G. Kerckhoff,
Signature Book Card (1935)

By William G. Kerckhoff
William G. Kerckhoff 1935 Signature Book Card

Acquire this original signature book card to complete the William G. Kerckhoff (1935 original print) collection.
Dimensions: 2 7/8 in. x 2 in


William G. Kerckhoff,
Utility Empire Builder

By Henry W. O’Melveny
William G Kerckhoff Utility Empire Builder

Mr. Kerckhoff never failed which proves he had the virtues of integrity, probity and reliability! The result of all his efforts in the development of hydroelectric energy was summed up in the formation of Pacific Light and Power Company and the San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation. The former was merged with and constitutes a major portion of Southern California Edison Company, as was also the San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation now owned and operated by P.G.& E. Corporation.


The results of his founding efforts in the field of natural gas is summarized in the Southern California Gas Company. These three companies constitute a continuing contribution to the industrial and domestic life of California. The Kerckhoff’s were “role models” in philanthropic giving – Kerckhoff Hall, UCLA; Kerckhoff Biology Laboratory at Caltech; Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory in Corona del Mar; Kerckhoff Hall, USC; and two medical institutions in Germany.


Heritage of Gold – The First Hundred Years of Sunkist Growers, Inc.

By Sunkist Staff (1893-1993)
Heritage of Gold The First 100 Years of Sunkist Growers

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California Orange Box Labels

An Illustrated History

By Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last
California Orange Box Labels An Illustrated History

Beautiful Color illustrations of over 350 California Orange Box Labels with separate chapters on Label Subjects, Label Artists, Label Lithographers and the Process of Label Lithography


Fruit Box Labels

An Illustrated Price Guide to Citrus Labels

By Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last
Fruit Box Labels An Illustrated Price Guide to Citrus Labels

Illustrates and Prices Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit Labels from California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. Color illustrations and prices of over 1,000 Citrus Labels


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